Homeroom - Carter-West Room 15
It's hard to believe we have already completed our first month!
I felt the need to update you about some procedures which have been put into place:
Friday Folders:  Two students each week are responsible for distributing classroom mail.  It is the responsibility of the student receiving the mail to be sure that the notes or papers they are taking home actually belong to them.  Parents are to sign the weekly progress notes and return them at the beginning of the next week.  Students without signed notes have no recess.
Homework:  Assignments are due the very next day, unless otherwise specified.  It is expected that parents are checking the homework.
Reading logs:  Students must earn at least 10 AR points each quarter for an A.  We raise our standards each quarter for those who are earning an A+.  Therefore, students must have their reading calendar initialed by a parent each night. Calendars will be collected at the end of each month.
Instruction and Practice as of 9/11/17:
I have had one request for an update as to what has been covered in class thus far.  I have addressed that in my newsletters.  However, I don't mind posting that information.

Math: Module 1 covers reading numbers into the millions, representing numbers on a place value chart, modeling multiplying and dividing by powers of ten on the chart.  Students also need to know how to write numbers in standard form, word form, unit form, and expanded form.  Finally, they need to be able to round numbers to specified place value (e.g. nearest, ten, hundred, etc.)

Reading: We have completed the novel Because of Winn Dixie and are now reading I Survived the Sinking of the Titanic .  Therefore, we are using summarizing skills, analyzing characters, and plots.  We are currently comparing historical fiction to nonfiction.

Social Studies: We are exploring US Regions and reviewing basic map skills (latitude/longitude, special purpose maps, using a map key).  We have been working on an in-class project, creating booklets to summarize what we are learning.  Students received their log-in information if you would like to explore our new Social Studies books online.

Science: Our current unit focuses on the structures of living things.  This unit will involve some labs and a lot of vocabulary. 

If you happen to be in search of websites to use as additional practice, feel free to browse the "LINKS" on the District 150 "HOME" page.  For answers to any questions you may have , I can be reached at lwest@sd150.org